Increasing Rates

One of the Quickest Ways to Make More Money as a Massage Therapist

We all know that the overarching goal behind massage therapy is to make clients feel more relaxed and free of unneeded tension. That goal is even the primary one for most massage therapists.

The catch, though, is that massage therapy is a business that doesn’t flout the tenets of commerce. Massage should be a win-win for you and the client.

Raising My Rates?!

It’s important to bear in mind that we all have bills to pay and that massage shouldn’t be charity. You can give clients a great massage and not go hungry yourself.

How? Simply by cutting your overhead and taking in more money than you spend on activities that maintain your practice (rent, salaries, etc.).

There are ways of raising your rates and offering clients deal bundles that can put you closer to realizing your monthly income goals.

Rationale Behind Raising

You should especially consider raising your rates if your clients are satisfied with the service you’ve been providing and you’re taking on a sufficient amount of work in a given week.

Clients realize, if only intuitively, that real wages have largely stagnated over the last few decades and that a dollar doesn’t stretch as far as it used to.

You can raise your rates very marginally at first and see how clients respond to the changes. By raising your rates just five or ten dollars per hour session, you could bring in a few hundred dollars more per week.

You should still be upfront with upcoming rate changes in person, though social media and on your bulletin boards or online newsletter.

Itemize Your Monthly Expenses

If you’re already fully booked (or close to it) and you have a phone book full of satisfied clients, there’s a great chance that raising your rates slightly is the way to go.

That said, you should itemize all of your maintenance expenses (office rent, utilities, etc.) and then determine how much money you need to go beyond financial viability to thriving and crafting your ideal practice.

Take into account one-off expenses like uniforms or a massage table as well as mandatory annual costs like renewing your license to determine how much money you need to thrive from week-to-week with your current client base.

Supply and Demand

You shouldn’t be afraid of spying on the competition, so to speak. Many massage practices have a strong online presence. You can check out the rates, bookings and number of massage practices in your area to help determine your own rates.

If, for instance, your massage practice is in an area that was hard-hit by the recent recession, then substantially raising your rates might not be the best way to retain clients in the short term.

If, however, you have a fully booked calendar, and other massage practices doing great business in your area and charging even higher rates than your own practice, it might be time to email a newsletter to clients telling them that your rates for X massage are changing by Y amount every month.

You might also be surprised to find out that lowering your rates isn’t always a surefire strategy for having clients queuing up around the block of your practice. People expect to pay for quality and it’s been shown that lowering your rates doesn’t necessary equate to more clients coming through the doors.

Add Value to Attract Clients

If you offer clients more value and reason to come to your practice, then it’s likely they’ll take very well to a slight increase in your rates. Let me explain.

We should all realize that 21st century technologies like massage chairs, creams, pads and other professionals like chiropractors can encroach on massage’s territory. Does it have to though?

Probably not. Here’s why – clients can get benefits through a referral program, complimentary services like refreshments, and extended night hours to suit their schedules.

These all add value in the client’s eyes and put your practice a cut above the competition, which definitely goes a long way in justifying a few more dollars per session.

Summing up Rate Changes

Massage therapists are business professionals like those in any other industry. Therefore, the basics of business apply to massage like any other profession – when you have more money coming in (e.g., through more sessions and higher rates) and less money flowing out (e.g., through rent), then you reap higher profits.

You can raise your rates without causing a three-ring circus but there are some important steps to follow. Be upfront with clients about impending rate changes.

Research the massage practices in your area, take a look at rates and really ask yourself how much you’re charging and evaluate the value you’re adding to clients. Your practice may be worth much more than you think.

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How To Grow Your Practice Through Networking

In this generation almost everyone networks, even housewives. Although it isn’t complicated, if you are doing it for your business and not just for personal benefits, it does require a few extra steps to guarantee efficiency. There are many technical ways such as various blogging sites, Facebook and Twitter; just to name a few but don’t forget about the good old fashioned meet and greet. Here are five tips that will have you networking like a pro:

1. Understanding your Target Market

Research, research, research! Through research you can find networking opportunities to mingle with your target market. Local functions or events in your area that will have your target clients or social media that can keep you updated and allow you to update others of your professional agendas.  This is not about just meeting as many people as you can but about meeting the right people.

Research the type of careers people would have that would need your services. If the massage you specialize in relaxes people then zone in on careers that are particularly tiring or stressful.

Since word of mouth is the key element of networking, get to know one or two people in as many fields as possible. The real estate agent you bought that house from may have a client who plays sports may be in the market for a deep tissue massage, which just happens to be your area of expertise! One of your clients son’s may have a vehicle that broke down, which you could recommend your mechanic who is so thrilled he may send his wife to you for a massage. Card exchange with other massage therapists also because if the client needs a massage that isn’t your specialty, you have a good referral, which may come back to you in a referral via the client as well as the massage therapist.

Look up website that is regularly updated that can be useful knowledge for your field. There is the ever so popular Craigslist and Facebook but there are other sites that specialize in your fields that you can find very useful and will allow you advertisement.

As you can see, the reasons and areas to research are endless and would need to be updated semi regularly. These are good reasons why if you are going to network, be in it for the long haul. Be knowledgeable of exactly what you bring to the table.

2. Know your Strengths—Know What People Want

Networking is the most powerful marketing tool when it is a win-win with both parties involved. By knowing your strengths, you can give them your best and help others build their clientele, by doing so; they will do the same for you, in return. It’s a scratch my back and I will scratch yours world but it works!

3. Set Networking Goals

Set goals for yourself prior to going into anything. Don’t walk into a gala or event unprepared. Set goals and know what you want to accomplish, otherwise you will be just wandering aimlessly around, gathering some numbers and by the end of the day you haven’t gotten anywhere.

4. You have to Give to Get

If you selflessly give to someone, it will come back to you, according to “Law of Reciprocity.” Whether if is in monetary, services, time or effort. With this in mind, when you are doing unto others, do as you would want done to you. If you can help someone else expand their clientele via referral, the likelihood that they will refer someone to you, when needed, is strong—thus expanding your clientele.

Offer discounts for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and certain areas of employment. Possibilities are endless when contriving various marketing strategies via networking.

5. Follow up Swiftly

It doesn’t take much effort to stay on top of following up. From the comfort of you laptop you can send and email or a post on their Facebook page. However the more personable you are, the more likely you will build a solid connection. Have coffee or lunch to celebrate a new shared client is a good way to ensure that someone feel more comfortable with you, and then they will be more likely to refer or obtain your services for themselves. Avoiding a follow up may just make your previous network attempts in vain.

Networking is not instant gratification, like all great things—it will pay off with a little work. By putting the time in to gain the trust that client needs, preparing yourself to “ride or die” networking, you will be a pro waiting on the rewards to soar in.

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Elevator Pitch

How to Craft Your Elevator Pitch

Have you ever crossed paths with a stranger or potential client, been asked about your massage practice and given a less than ideal response? If so, this happens to the best of us and there are ways around it.

Sometimes you know the ins-and-outs of your massage practice so well that it takes time to formulate your thoughts and pare your day-to-day practice down to the essentials that people want to hear about.

You can streamline the answer you give to strangers or clients inquiring about your practice by creating an elevator pitch that gives them a quick rundown of what you do, how it can help them, and the kind of value your practice offers. Here’s how…

What’s an Elevator Pitch?

Contrary to some opinion, an elevator pitch does not involve a mode of transportation and a baseball mitt. An elevator pitch, on the contrary, is a quick synopsis and rundown of what your massage practice offers.

An elevator pitch is an extremely powerful tool for generating interest in your massage practice. It shouldn’t take longer to deliver than an elevator ride – or around 30 seconds to a minute to deliver from start to finish.

Essentials of the Pitch

A worthwhile elevator pitch should be easily memorizable - since you’re going to have to deliver this pitch in-person – short and sweet, and filled with one or two interesting anecdotes. An effective pitch also needs to explain how your massage practice is different than others in your area.

Before getting into the actual logistics of creating an effective elevator pitch, it’s important to remember than an elevator pitch is not a one-trick pony.

An elevator pitch can, indeed, be used to give strangers or potential clients a rundown of your practice and services, but it can also be used to describe your practice to other professionals or acquaintances. Either way, you’re adding value by telling people about what you do in a concise and interesting way.

Now, let’s get into how to create an elevator pitch. What makes this kind of pitch compelling? How can you make it flow naturally into conversation?

Steps for the Perfect Pitch

Identifying an Underlying Goal 

Make sure that your elevator pitch, for starters, fully explains the services that your massage practice offers your community and make sure to identify the purpose behind delivering the pitch in the first place.

As for an underlying goal behind most elevator pitches, you usually want to tell potential clients about what you do. That’s simple, but…

Do you also want to tell clients about upcoming promotions and newly-introduced services? Do you want to tell them about new areas or new practices that you’re planning on opening. You need to brainstorm and find out what’s important to convey in 30 seconds or so before formatting the final version of your pitch.

Start with the Bare Essentials 

Just being sincere and upfront about what you do is typically the surest way of quickly finding out the value that you add to clients. Make sure that clients come away from the pitch a little wiser about the services you offer and how much your practice means to you.

Convey your enthusiasm! There’s a concept called state transference, which means essentially that whatever you feel, the client will also feel. If you’re enthusiastic about what you do, then that enthusiasm will likely rub off on the audience.

What Makes Your Practice Unique? 

Really ask yourself what makes your massage practice stand out. Do some research on other practices in your community and find out some of the differences between those practices and yours.

If you offer more services, longer hours, exotic massages or even something as prosaic as complimentary refreshments, then make sure you convey that in your pitch.

An elevator pitch is about delivering value. Go into the pitch with the assumption that clients want to hear more about what makes you unique and how they can benefit from interacting with you and your practice.

Engage Your Audience

You might want to start your pitch with a question. Although this sounds paradoxical, starting with a question is actually a great way to stimulate conversation. Asking someone who’s curious about what you do the last time they had a massage is a way to generate interest and offer value.

Practice Makes Perfect (and Permanent) 

It may take a few warmup pitches and fine-tunings to come up with an elevator pitch that you’re truly satisfied with and that you can deliver naturally and with confidence.

Make sure that you’re conveying the essentials of the services your practice offers, how your practice is unique, and also make sure to keep the pitch under a minute to convey maximum value and keep the audience’s attention.

Goal Setting

Building Your Personal Brand – Part 2

This is part 2 of our Building Your Personal Brand series. Click here if you missed part 1.

Another component of successful branding (and the joy you’ll experience in your life) is knowing where you want to be – and then purposefully designing a path to get there.

If you don’t know where you want to be – your directionless route will eventually lead you somewhere ~ just not perhaps in the best place you could have been had you taken a moment to plan your life’s route. Perhaps you’ll rent your practice space in a neighborhood 40 minutes from your home because, at the time, it happens to have an available space where you can set up shop immediately. Maybe you’ll stay there for decades until the owner of the property decides he wants to sell his commercial property to another major developer. Suddenly you are out of a location.  Or, maybe a couple of years into your practice you meet another massage therapist at a conference and, to cut your current overhead costs, decide to combine your practices.  You suddenly find yourself working more hours and juggling more responsibilities while earning less income.

The thing is, if you don’t know where you want to be ~ you’ll still be somewhere years later in life.  Further, even if you do know where you’d like your career and your professional massage therapy practice to be years from now, without a plan your journey will be like scuba diving in murky waters without a compass ~ it’ll  be a scary journey, but you’ll still end up arriving somewhere.

If you know where you want to be, however, but don’t have a plan, you might never actualize your goals. Without  thinking about where you’d like to be and without a plan, you’ll still find yourself somewhere later on in life, just not maybe where you want to be.

Here’s some simple and easy steps to take to help you identify and actualize your goals.

Identify the things in life that bring you joy.

This step goes back to your values.  Do you strive to enhance and inspire the lives of others? Do you love being surrounded by luxurious, expensive things? Do you enjoy meeting new people and making them feel comfortable?  Do you like to teach and help empower others? Do you enjoy spending weeks at a time at the beach, in Europe, or in the mountains skiing? Do you look forward to sharing quality time with children, your family, and friends?  While you certainly can have many things you value, ultimately it all focuses back to a few focused things.  If you prefer to go to your practice, treat your clients, and then return home and spend your time reading a new novel while sipping a cup of tea in your backyard, running a multi-location practice is probably not for you.  If getting out of work by 5 PM every day is an important goal, then working extra hours during the week and on weekends is most likely something you won’t do – even if it increases your income.  If you want to make a profound impact in the massage therapy world, perhaps you’ll write books, create educational videos, and teach massage therapy students.

Identify the top three things you value.

Is it your time, financial freedom, and industry accolades?  Again, while you certainly can value many things in life, to be an effective and successful massage therapist and run a successful practice, it will be helpful to narrow down your top values so that you best formulate a plan to ensure you are able to experience, actualize, and reflect those values throughout your life and professional career.

Visualize retirement.

Whether you want to retire at 50 and write books about massage therapy from your beachfront home, or work until your 90, it’s important to make plans for that time in your life. If you don’t, you’ll end up spending too many Saturdays shopping for things you don’t really want (or need) instead of saving your money for your beach house.

See where your starting point is.

Now that you’ve contemplated where you want to be in many years, come back around to where you are today. What are the different things you can put into place today to help you achieve your goals? Even if it is just 15 minutes a day of doing cardio exercise, or saving just $50 a week, or attending just one massage therapy conference per quarter, what is it you can actually do today to start bringing your dreams to fruition?

Ensure your values and your goals are in sync.

If you value learning, your goals will incorporate classes, workshops, and education. If you value your time with your family, you’ll operate your business during normal hours. You can’t set goals for one lifestyle and then make choices contradictory to that and expect the desired outcomes.

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Webinar – How To Optimize Your MassageBook Profile

MassageBook arms you with the business and marketing tools you need to grow your practice. Our software is powerful, but the real benefit is having the knowledge to make our software work for you.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to properly complete your profile and not miss important steps
  • Optimize your profile and business websites for increased traffic and bookings
  • And more!

Monday, Sep 22 1:00 PM EDT

Register here to attend and receive webinar archive link.


Favorite Client

How To Find The Right Clients To Work With

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to send that invitation to all your future clients and work only with the clients that deserve you, mesh with your lifestyle, work ethics and personality? That is the concept behind RVRP. Red Velvet Rope Policy is an extremely simple idea created by Michael Port—the author of “Book Yourself Solid.” The idea behind it is to work ONLY with the clients who pull the best out in you so you can give them YOUR red velvet rope treatment.

You might be asking yourself, “Why haven’t we been doing this all along if it really is so simple.” Yes. Why haven’t we? The answer is different per person but most people agree on one thing—money. Most people get into a business and attempt to make a living with it, accepting any client that will pay. The danger behind the shallow idea viewing a person as a dollar sign, even if for the best of intentions, will come back to haunt you. By accepting just any client, any paycheck, you are accepting everything that comes with that client; their personality, their issues, their work ethics…them! In return they get the same thing back.

Weed Through Your Clients

A difficult reality is attempting to mesh two personalities together and expect the dream to come true, without running into some nightmares along the way. By weeding through your clients, prior to accepting their work invitation, you can learn to weed out the ones who would be your daily headache. If you work only with people you love then you will eventually end up “dumping the duds” thus managing time to shine for your new clientele.

You are unique in the services that you provide— this is why they want you. You deserve to be able to choose who you work with. Think about the one client you have that makes your day when they call. Wouldn’t it be great if all the clients on your list were like that one? They can be. You found that one, or maybe they found you—the point is if that can be done once, it can be done over and over. However if you’re wasting your time and energy on the ones who make your stomach turn in knots when they send you an email, that is energy and time that could be spent on the client you would invite over for dinner. Don’t get the VM because you’re too frustrated to deal with them or the one you spend time working with that goes by so quickly you hate to see it end.

Nip the Bud before it Blooms

Start with a little self inventory. Three little lists can start this process:

Make a list of the client qualities you can’t live without. Everyone’s list is different. Mine would be honesty, making me feel appreciated, finding and owning their responsibilities in matters, finding laughter and maintaining a positive energy. Yours may be something like not being late for deadlines, being on time, someone who is passionate about their services, creativeness, good communication, religious values. Whatever those qualities are that your idea client has are the qualities that belong on that list.

The second list is qualities you or your sanity won’t allow you to live with. Your friend’s could be someone who is very negative, complains a lot, full of excuses, rude or angry person. Yours may be issues with someone who is consistently late, misses deadlines, expects more than you can handle, isn’t flexible.

The third list is the hardest one as it requires some deep honesty. Make a list of your clients and their qualities. Now “dump the duds”. From here on out it is a matter of using your first two lists to choose all upcoming clients. Don’t feel badly about dumping some of your clients. If they aren’t bringing out the best in you, then its doubtful you’re doing your best, and you both deserve better.

When you were in the dating scene, surely you didn’t date everyone who asked you. There were probably people you turned down for various reasons and this is the same. You can let people down gently. I am sure you would agree that you should sever any unhealthy relationships before going down a road of no return. Tell them as honestly, but nicely, as you can things along the lines of how you don’t think the two of you would be a good fit or that you just don’t think things are working out. You don’t owe them a detailed explanation. If it is possible, refer them to someone else.

From that moment on the only client acceptance cards you will be sending out will be “Will you RSVP MY RVRP?”

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How To Create Your Personal Brand – Part 1

This is part 1 of a new series we’re working on to help you get booked solid. This series will help you brand yourself and your practice – so you can show the world what an awesome massage therapist you are, and stand out from your competitors.

Whether you are purposefully taking steps to strategically develop and build the massage therapy business of your dreams in your community, or are simply going to your practice every day, taking care of your clients, and then going home, you are creating your personal brand. While the first scenario describes a massage therapist who understands the importance of making thoughtful choices and business decisions that will attract new clients while maintaining the loyalty of established customers, the latter scenario describes many business owners who don’t understand or simply overlook the importance of strategically creating a personal brand. To be a successful massage therapist and run a practice that is inviting, professional, and profitable, you must be vested in cultivating and growing a personal brand that differentiates you from all the other massage therapists in your community.

Building your personal brand cannot commence until you first identify and decide upon your personal brand vision. This “vision” of you, your product, and your services is how you desire your clients and the community to perceive (and receive) you. As a massage therapist in your community, this is utterly important because you are your product and therefore, the face of your brand.

Here are 4 steps to help you clarify your vision and start building your uniquely authentic personal brand:

Determine and prioritize your values.

What you value most will quickly and easily shine through to your customers and your community. If you have a strong sense of honor concerning your values, you’ll find that you are passionately committed to ensuring your beliefs are congruent with your actions. If you value integrity, fairness, flexibility, and quality ~ your business practice will reflect those things. All your clients and staff will feel respected, comfortable, and confident in their decision to patronize or work at your practice.

Here are some other things you might value:

  • Ultimate client satisfaction
  • Overall well-being of yourself and your clientele
  • Desire to grow personally and professionally as a massage therapist
  • The opinions of your friends and family that will influence your choices.

By embracing and implementing your values, you’ll staff and clients will get a sense of what your professional brand will be. Once you have identified your values, you’ll need to prioritize them. Is providing individualized customer service something you value more than closing your business at 5 PM sharp eve very night when you’ve had a client arrive a half hour late? If so, you’ll still welcome your late client with open arms instead of rescheduling him/her for a later date. In addition, once you’ve identify years values, you’ll want to be sure that the team you hire to work at your practice (who will always be referring you and your values) are in since with all that you value for how you want to rung your business ~ including the provision of world-class, exceptional customer service.

Identify, embrace, and actualize your passions.

A key factor in creating a successful personal brand is identifying and actualizing your passions. What you are passionate about in life is your driving force behind all your choices on your life’s path. If you are passionate about living a life free of drugs, toxic foods, negative people, and materials things that don’t enhance, uplift, and inspire you ~ that will show throw at your professional massage therapy practice. You’ll choose natural lighting over fluorescent lights, live green plants over plastic, water over caffeine, soothing minimalistic music over loud disturbing beats, and the aroma of vanilla over the smell of leftovers from the local fast food joint around the corner. Consider the type of experience you want your clients to have each and every time they visit your practice; that experience should reflect what you are passionate about and what is important to you for yourself, your staff, and your clients.

Hone your best personality traits.

While no one knows you better than you know yourself, sometimes it’s helpful (and interesting) to discover what your particular personality traits are ~ scientifically ~ so that you can work on improving the ones that will most effectively help your practice prosper. The well-known five big personality traits are:

  • Openness to experience
  • Conscientiousness
  • Extraversion
  • Agreeableness
  • Neuroticism

Each of the traits is measured on a scale; you’ll find yourself somewhere on the different scales ~ and those results will describe your personality. You can take a test on the Big Five Personality Traits for free, where you’ll be asked to answer questions based on a scale of agree-ability. The results of this personality test will give you insight into some of your strengths and areas where you could perhaps improve. As most of these traits are things that are inherent in your personality it may be hard to change, however, you could make a change in certain traits to encourage a better personal brand as a massage therapist. For instance, if you’re more reserved than outgoing, it may be good to work on being more social and friendly with your clients. Again, as a massage therapist you are your product, you have to attract and maintain clients not only with your knowledge, skills, and expertise, but also with your personality. As you recognize these traits, try to assess what would be the most beneficial to work on for your personal brand. Making small changes in your personality traits will achieve a large outcome in your professional massage therapy practice.

Communicate and connect with the people who know you best.

Ultimately, you should discuss your findings with your friends and family. Their own personal perception of you, combined with your findings from the personality test, may give you a good idea of how clients perceive you in your massage therapy practice. Try to correlate the feedback from those who love you with the goals you have set for yourself in building your brand. Once you have done that, you will be able to build a better personal brand as a massage therapist, achieve more clients for your business and live a happier more fulfilling life.

Piggy Bank

7 Inexpensive Ways to Promote Your Practice

While it’s undeniable that word-of-mouth advertising from your established, loyal clients will fundamentally forever be the best, easiest, and low cost way to promote your practice, there are some additional, affordable, and effective ways (beyond being the very best massage therapist in town) to further boost your business.

24/7 Accessibility

Enabling potential, current, and established clients to schedule or change appointments, leave voice messages, email you, or learn more about your services, products, and specials ~ at any time of the day or night ~ truly demonstrates that you love what you do. Taking the time to invest back into your business by setting up these different easily-accessible marketing platforms allows your customers to virtually access you 24/7. While physically you may decide not to take a phone call at midnight or respond to an email at 3 AM, just providing your clients with ways to contact you 24/7 builds confidence in them about your services and makes it convenient for them to let you know they may be running late for their 8 AM appointment, they want to schedule in a friend to bring along, too, or they need directions. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to contact a business after hours to leave an important message; don’t run that type of disconnected business!

An Impressive Internet Presence

Potential clients are going to Google your name. When they do, you must be sure to have control over what comes up in the search engines. To accomplish this, you need a sharp and effective website filled with quality, error-free, and engaging blogs, feature articles, and industry info. If your tweets, LinkedIn profile, website, and Facebook postings are not well-written or are inappropriate, it can hurt your business and reputation. While you can certainly have a locked, private Facebook account reserved only for your very close friends and family, it should not be the same account you use to write about your massage therapy business. No potential client wants to see photos of you in a thong, on a yacht, sporting new $750 shoes, or driving your Jag. Spend time creating content for your business website and social media accounts; this is one of the best marketing investments you can possibly make.

Tangible Marketing

In addition to your online marketing efforts, you need sharp business cards to carry with you at all times ~ including when you’re having lunch at the local café with friends, going to a black-tie charity event in the evening, or working out at the yoga spa. Your business cards need to show your name, credentials, website address, and contact info on one side, and a list of your services on the other. Business cards with magnetic backing prove even more effective since your clients can simply keep them on their refrigerators – in plain view countless times a day! It’s quicker, easier, and more professional to hand someone an attractive physical business card than to stand around while they try to figure out how to add your phone number and the correct spelling of your name into their new phone. Both magnetic business cards, cool postcards, and other tangible marketing materials can be purchased for pennies a piece.

Client Loyalty Programs

One of the easiest ways to attract both new and returning regular clients is to offer discounts, gift certificates, combos, and client loyalty programs. These can include any range of offers, such as discounts for multiple appointments or an initial visit, free birthday massages, or a loyalty card that offers a free massage after each fifth or tenth appointment. This type of incentive is entirely free to you, and will generate more clients in the long run. Scheduling multiple appointments at once with the same client is smart because clients are generally always more willing to buy in bulk, and keeping them coming in on a regular basis will help them become lifelong clients.

First Impressions

Although it may be tempting to run errands in your t-shirt and sweatpants some days, always remember that at all times you are representing your business and your profession. While you certainly aren’t expected to only dress in hospital whites, you do need to keep in mind that your temperament, attitude, body language, and how you present yourself is observed by others. If you’re rude to the waitress, it won’t matter that your new hairstyle looks sharp! If you’re complaining about a customer that is taking too long with the cashier at the grocery store, you’ll be embarrassed to discover that she’s your new client in the afternoon. If you’re naturally a calm, patient, and pleasant person, that will shine through wherever you are ~ whether with your established clients at your practice or in your community among your potential customers.

Know Your Competition

While it’s true no other massage therapist can possibly provide the same type of experience as you, it’s still important to know what other massage practices are in and around your community. Do a little research into what services your competition offers, and plan to do it even better. Understanding the options that clients have, gives you a competitive advantage over any other business. Offering services or perks that are unavailable to clients at other businesses is one of the easiest ways to keep drawing customers to your practice.

Remain Ever-Knowledgeable

Stay atop of industry trends, practices, and protocols. Even if you don’t offer a particular service, you still need to be knowledgeable on the topic in case a client inquiries about it. If it seems like something you’d like offer, you can say you are in the process of adding that to your list of services. If it’s something you’ll never offer, be able to articulate in a confident and intelligent way why you don’t offer that service.

Once you’ve established yourself as a knowledgeable and reliable business, your name will be the first to come to mind when new clients are seeking a new massage therapist.


How To Tell If You Are Winning

Ignoring your calling in life is like being stuck in quicksand. Not only do you fail to move forward but you also find yourself sinking. You miss out on so many opportunities as well as the rewards that come with them. It affects everything from your happiness to your health to your career.

Maximizing your potential is the best way to a better life. Your life takes on meaning, giving you the drive and determination to achieve your dreams. When you live your life with purpose the rewards are abundant. You feel fulfilled and happy and these things lead to better relationships, health, success and career. Basically, you’re winning at life.

So, where do you stand? Are you winning? Below are eight sure-fire ways to know that you are, indeed, winning.

1- You feel complete.

You don’t feel like there’s something missing in your life. Instead of feeling stuck, you feel yourself moving forward on a meaningful path. You feel fulfilled and free.

2 – You feel confident.

You know you have purpose and you realize the world is better because of it. This is why you don’t have the obstacles of insecurity and uncertainty that drive people off their paths to success. Self doubt is the killer of confidence and everyone can sense that, including your clients. But you’re confident in yourself and this shows in your work.

3 – You have pride.

You’re proud of your work and you enjoy it. You don’t feel drained and bored because every day you allow yourself to learn and grow. You feel 100% authentic. You’re true to your calling and you’re true to yourself. Nothing provides contentment more than this.

4 – You see results.

Your business is booming and new clients seek you out instead of the other way around. You’ve made your mark on the world and now the world is sending you business because of it. You feel comfortable selling your services because you know they’re worth buying. Not only do you know your own worth but your clients do as well.

5 – You trust yourself.

You’re patient with others as well as yourself. You’re okay with the unknown and uncertainty because you have deep trust in yourself. You don’t need approval from others—your own confidence and courage is enough.

6 – You’re fearless.

You don’t avoid your fears, you face them head-on. Facing your fears has made you stronger, wiser and a better person. For you, fear is an opportunity to grow. You also don’t fear change, you welcome it—you see change as a way to create new and exciting possibilities.

7 – You go for it.

You don’t watch life go by and wish for things because you’re too busy living it and making those things happen. You feel charged and alive and you’re living with purpose. You invest in yourself and your business with confidence. You understand that the more you do, the more you can expect others to as well.

8 – You persevere.

You live life too passionately to ever feel like you’re struggling. Even when you face an uphill battle, you realize all those tough steps that make you stumble only serve to get you closer to the top. They also work to keep you on your toes and passionate, both professionally and personally. You also don’t get tripped up by frustration. You know your own potential and you’re certain that great things are ahead you because of it.

When you’re winning in life, you’re winning in your career as well. You’ll never be more successful than when you know you’re living with purpose. True belief in oneself means that you know exactly what you have to offer the world. When you give your best to the world, the world returns the favor.

You should never have to put your life on hold to seek out your destiny as they are one in the same. When your career is aligned with purpose, your income will be as well. Happiness, confidence, contentment and success all work hand in hand. If you feel that you fall short in any of these areas, then focus your energy and make the necessary changes. It’s all in your hands. When you change yourself you change your world.


How To Setup Google+ For Your Practice

Google+ is increasingly becoming a must-have feature for businesses of all walks of life looking to expand.

As a social networking tool and way to expand your outreach to clients, Google+ has been the premiere social media platform for businesses for the last three years.

In addition to getting active on Google+ and social media, if you’re running a massage practice you should consider joining Google My Business.

Why? Because Google My Business is already integrated through Google+ as well as Google Search and Google Maps and it offers another way to start a dialogue with clients.

Google+ > Facebook and Twitter?

So, the question becomes – do you really need to list your business on another social media site in addition to your massage practice’s presence on Twitter and Facebook? The short answer is probably.

According to Business Insider, Google+ and Google My Business help to enhance your business’ placing in search engine (a.k.a., search engine optimization) more than Facebook or Twitter alone.

By creating a webspace on Google+ for your practice, customers can “follow” your practice in realtime and get apprised of upcoming promotions and discounted products.

Since Google+ also shows your practice’s contact information, hours and in-depth customer reviews right off the Google search page, you can work on building relationships instead of spending more time and energy than absolutely necessary on networking and conveying the services you offer.

Putting Your Practice on Google+

When you sign up for Google+ and get integrated through Google My Business, your practice’s clients can find you through a Google search, Google Maps, or Google+ and various social media.

Many of the same benefits to your practice that were gleaned through using Google+ apply to Google My Business – clients can “follow” your practice and leave reviews of their experience with your practice.

You can also post periodic updates, promotions and photos right to your Google My Business page, which is shared through your page on Google+ and social media.

Creating a Google+ Business Presence

If you haven’t created a personal page on Google+ then you should do that before signing your practice up on Google+.

Step One: Selecting Business Type

Once you have a personal profile set up, it’s time to put your practice on Google+ so that you can link up with thousands of potential clients.

The first thing you need to do is stipulate the kind of business that you’re looking to network online – click the storefront option from the link below.

Step Two: List Your Practice

Once you select “storefront” among the three available options, you should stipulate the country and phone number for your massage practice. Google then utilizes the phone number that you provided to create a Google+ page for your business.

Chances are Google will automatically integrate your business to Google+ using the phone number that you provided.

If Google can’t find your business, you will navigate through a page to add your practice’s name, location and business type. The page looks like this.

It’s incredibly seamless and your massage practice can be added within minutes to Google+ and its social media network of hundreds of millions of users.

Step Three: Update Your Practice’s Page

After you have established your practice on Google+, you will be asked to upload a photo and provide a tagline that Google+ can use to mediate contact with your clients and online followers.

You only have ten words to describe your practice in the tagline, so only mention essential services here. Uploading a photo of your massage practice’s storefront for the photo isn’t a bad idea.

At this stage, you’re almost done creating a Google+ online presence. You’ll be asked to fill out an “about” section at this point. In describing your practice in the “about” section, you can also tell clients where they can go to find blog posts and contact information.

Step Four: Networking Through Google+

After creating a Google+ page for your massage practice, you’re ready to start interacting with clients and adding people to your circles.

There are four categories to start with: team members, customers, VIP and following.

Generally, you will spend the most time adding people to your VIP and customer circles since these are the groups you’re trying to establish a closer relationship with and possibly share promotional offers with.

Feel free to create new circles to help keep your contacts smartly organized.

Takeaway Points on Google+

Getting your practice on Google+ as soon as possible is essential because Google+ allows millions of people to find your practice online.

From your Google+ page, prospective clients can quickly look at reviews, hours of operation and contact info for your practice.

Google+ is also a great way to share blog posts and promotional offers with followers and clients alike.